Single mother , Rhonda Norbury faces the greatest challenge of her life when her 18 year old much loved daughter, Cleis, is brutally bashed by an unknown assailant after a night out. As Cleis clings desperately to life, Rhonda begins writing a journal about the experience. Her heartfelt and detailed struggle to rehabilitate her daughter after an acquired brain injury and rebuild her own life make for compelling reading.

"Beaten and Broken: A Story of Survival" is a true story and will leave all parents asking themselves the question .........

"How would I cope if this happened to me?

In The Cairns Weekend Post series on cold cases, Ms Cleis Norbury yesterday pleaded with the public to help bring her attacker to justice. She is convinced someone knows something about her attacker.  Many locals refer to the crime against Ms Norbury as the day Cairns lost its innocence. Until then, most offences were of a much less violent nature.   Cleis's assailant was never brought to justice.

A $250,000 reward stands for information leading to an arrest for attempted murder of Cleis Norbury.

The Cairns Weekend Post 5-6 January 2013


Compulsive reading and an emotional rollercoaster. Nobody should have to face such adversity and tradegy and so many  of us  can only  try to  imagine the  enormity of  such  an exhausting,  tumultuous  and  emotional  challenge.

I salute you and thank you for sharing this very personal, heart wrenching, inspiring and important story.

Richard Scott. Minyama. QLD. Australia.


Open, loved, brave trail blazing awareness of a mother's love for her daughter's dream to be fulfilled despite a horrific tradegy.  Jean Carson. Atherton. QLD. Australia.


A truly amazing accomplishment. Some bits my heart twist in agony and produce a flood of tears. Other bits - belly laughs. Teresa O'Brien. Port Douglas. QLD. Australia.